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Cavitation Lipo



 3 for $325 or 6 for $700

Ultrasonic Cavitation melts unwanted fat by using low frequency sound waves to liquefy your fat cells, transforming its contents into free fatty acids. Your body can then, eliminate these toxins through sweat and urine.


  Laser Lipo



3 for $250 or 6 for $550

Laser Lipo treatment use laser energy to penetrate your fat cells and create tiny holes in their membranes. This process allows the cells to release its stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water resulting in shrinkage. 


Skin Tightening



3 for $250 or 6 for $550

This treatment uses RF energy to stimulate production of new collagen and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles resulting in tighter, younger looking skin.


Genie Butt Lift



3 for $250 or 6 for $550


Vacuum therapy is a painless non surgical technique that lifts and reshapes your buttocks via suction cups. This process can mimic the results of a traditional BBL without the risks of surgery or down time.


Genie Breast Lift


3 for $250 or 6 for $550 


This non surgical treatment plumps your breasts via suction cups resulting in a more voluptuous look and feel. This process can mimic the results of the traditional breast enhancement without the risks of surgery.


Cellulite Therapy


3 for $400 or 6 for $850


For this treatment we use a combination of special devices to massage the skin and soften hard areas. This process can break down and excrete stubborn pockets of fat trapped underneath your skin and tone your body


Lymphatic Massage
5 for $350 or 10 for $650

 A Seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up under the skin after surgery. Lymphatic Drain massages will help your body eliminated these fluids, reduce swelling and speed up your healing process. 


Radio Frequency 


3 for $250 or 6 for $500 


After surgery your body can accumulate fluid which can harden and form a fibrosis. This side effect is painful and could become permanent if left untreated. If your body feels hard or lumpy, Radio Frequency will soften and liquefy fibrosis. 


Wood Therapy

One Area $75 or 3 for $200

Abs & Back $125 or 3 for $325 

Butt & Thighs $150 or 3 for $400 


Wood therapy uses purposely shaped wood tools to sculpt your body in the desired areas. These wood instruments can drain accumulated fluid, relocate fat and reshape your body.


Taping Method

3 for $175


The taping method is used for compression to help retract the skin, shrink the stomach and reduce swelling after surgery. This service is a great add on to any post op or body contour treatment.


Muscle Stimulation
3 for $225 6 for $550


EMS therapy helps to tone the muscles and improve the body's definition by targeting deep muscles fibers. This treatment can also eliminate toxins that cause cellulite and reverse muscle atropy.


Endermo Therapy
3 for $250 6 for $525


This deep tissue stimulation can eliminate toxins that cause cellulite and fibrosis. Endermo therapy increases the production of new collagen resulting in a more firmer, smoother and tighter body.

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